Not to simple: Love in conflict

Love exhibits childlike simplicity and credulity. Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy and they lived happily ever after. An instance of this situation is a story about Alex and Monica who found their love in conflicts and defends.

It all started when Monica decided to join the same college as Alex.There was a big fuss about her when she first started college. ‘Monica Richards- best girl in the fresher batch,’ seniors had already anointed her on the dorm board. Her waist-length hair rippled as she tapped her fingers like a famished refugee. Her face glowed like the morning sunshine.

Alex, on the other hand, was characterized by diligent study. He topped the competitive exams and was “famous” for his studiousness. Cupid played its love cards when they decide to take their afternoon meal in the canteen at the same time.

Alex checked her out from the corner of his eye, as three black threads on the back of her neck slipped through. Monica had received more male attention in the last week than she had in her entire life. So, Alex assumed she would be obnoxious and ignored her.

Meanwhile, Monica got into a fight with the canteen staff over food. Alex stood just behind her and decided to offer help. But she took her plate and moved out of the line. Pretty girl goes her way, loser goes another, thought Alex. But then something happened that shocked the entire crowd. She turned to him and pointed to a table with a little finger where they both sat down opposite each other.

They talked for hours. Things went on smoothly for a month. Monica now had feelings for Alex. But he was too occupied to even notice. He had his own circle of friends and chose not to be seen with her. As days went by, Monica grew impatient and gave him a call. She confessed her love and told him how she deeply she felt for him. This was the last time they talked, as Alex continued to ignore her and never bothered to call her again.

Monica realized that she was just making a fool of herself and decided to move on with her life. She started hanging out with other guys of her class. This was not the only thing that was happening in college. There was a tinge of fear and envy growing in Alex’s heart. Alex had realized his love for Monica but now it was too late to go back. He started closing off himself. He had once again turned into the guy that Monica had truly loved.

One day while he was sitting in the canteen a strange thing happened. Monica came by along and sat next to him. She took his hand and tears fell down her cheeks. She conceded that her love for him was everlasting and this was just a mere trick played by her to get him back. Alex was mad and happy at the same time. He could not believe what he had just heard. He took her in his arms and confessed his love. The work of cupid was done here, as Alex admitted to his feelings and proposed her after spending a year and a half with her.

The couple finally decided to tie the knots at a small ceremony orchestrated by Lovely Lady Events.  There were endless possibilities when the couple first decided to host their special day through this organization. Their dedicated staff helped them plan the wedding of their dreams at the best Wedding Venue in Oklahoma.

With an ideal location, the place provided a warm and more intimate feel with its mirror walls and a combination of hardwood floors and tiles, as well as magnificent artwork from local and international artists. Beautifully designed floral decors left the guests awestruck. Alex and Monica walked hand-in-hand to the altar where the ceremony was performed. For their parts of the ceremony, the couple managed to hold it together to seal the deal with a kiss. The dinner was delicious, followed by a few hours of energetic dancing. As the night came to an end, Alex and Monica were caught looking at each other and their excitement for each other was simply contagious!!

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